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nrvouswreckordsnrvouswreckords: #TBT via The Nervous Wreckords. Thanks Chris Cantore for ignoring the "No Video Taping" signs and catching us...
24 months ago from Facebook
nrvouswreckordsnrvouswreckords: #TBT to 2010! Our good friend Chris Cantore defies the "No Filming" signs at the San Diego Music Awards and...
24 months ago from Facebook

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Let Them All Talk in 8 Weeks

In 8 weeks we will be officially releasing “Let them all Talk” to our fans digitally and physically on CD in a limited run. It’s been really difficult not releasing the album yet because we’ve finished it, and we are really excited about the greatest album we’ve ever done. However, we would like to have a reason to throw a party at the end of June, and have a reason to do fun things for our fans leading up to the release.

That said, to combine anticipation and give a reason to share the songs with you, we are going to be releasing a “Lyric Video” every Wednesday from May 2nd to our release date. Why a “Lyric Video”?? Our main reason is so you can sing along at all of our shows from now on. The other reason is because plenty of you write emails asking, “What do you say at the end of the verse on “Doin it to Do it”?” Why Wednesday’s? Because it’s “hump day”, and at first, I thought hump day was the day of the week most people engaged in the action of “humping”, and I figured, our music is perfect background music for that, well, our music is perfect foreground music for that. Then I found out that “hump day” is actually a term from the work force meaning, “it the getting over the hump of the workweek” day. AHHH!! Brilliant, and with that, we figured our music is perfect for celebrating getting past the treacherous mid section of a workweek as well.

Well there will be confusion no more as to what our songs say, and the vids are pretty fun too I just completed one for our first single “Let them all Talk” and it feels a bit like a Sesame Street phonetics lesson, but I made the damn thing, have heard the song a million times and for some reason I find myself hypnotized by the lyric video and keep watching it over and over again. Probably the sign that I have too much time on my hands, self obsess over everything we do, or both. Feel free to read and sing along, cause once you learn the song, We would love to choose one lucky aspiring singer to come in to my home studio and replace my vocal with theirs in a “exclusive” version of our song for you to share with your friends.

Stay tuned and help us share poetic, yet grammatically incorrect versions of our songs starting this Wednesday.

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